Sunday Divine Liturgy
Note, starting December 1st, 2018, Sunday Divine Liturgy starts at 8.30AM.

Annual request for donation to the orphans and St. Paul's food bank

The Church Auxiliary invites you to join us as we share our blessings with others. As we all know life is difficult for many people, this year both here and in Ukraine. In previous years, we collected non perishable food items for the food bank at St. Paul's Monastery during Phillip's Fast (Advent) and during Lent, we collected for the Orphanage in Ukraine. Once again, we will be collecting for both the food bank-here in Pittsburgh, and for the children-there-in Ukraine.

There will be containers in church for non-perishable food items for the food bank at St. Paul's Monastery, and envelopes for contributions for the orphans. You can place these envelopes in a special box located in the rear of the church. Whether you give to the food bank or to the orphans or to both, whatever you give will be appreciated. We are asking that donations for the food bank at St. Paul's Monastery be brought in by December 20, 2018.

Since the Julian calendar is followed in Ukraine, the feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 19th. In order to send the money to Ukraine for the orphans in time for this holy day, we are asking that donations be made by December 16th. While we hope to help the children celebrate St. Nick's day and the Nativity of our Lord, we know that winter can be harsh in Ukraine. Therefore, our goal is to help them through the winter as well as a means to celebrate this Sacred Season.


Most recent (on-line) bulletin from the 7th Sunday after Pentecost, July 23, 2017


Steps Toward A Reunited Church

A sketch of an Orthodox/Catholic vision for the future given by The North American  Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation Georgetown  University, Washington, DC October 2, 2010: Read.

Catholic in good standing?

In a poll conducted by Bishops in the U.S. which was released in April of 2008: 68 % of all Catholics surveyed believed that they could be in good standing with the Church without going to Mass / Divine Liturgy weekly. Continue reading.

Eastern Dignity

Please visit our Eastern Dignity page to read an important message from John Paul II (The Great) on why conversion is required of the Latin Church that she may respect and fully appreciate the dignity of Eastern Christians, and accept gratefully the spiritual treasures of which the Eastern Catholic Churches are bearers, to the benefit of the entire Catholic communion.


Note from the Pastor:

"While 'Ukrainian' is in the title of our Church, one need not be ethnically Ukrainian to join this parish. The Ukrainian Catholic Church is a church that comes from the Ukrainian people, but is for the entire human race. We live out our Catholic faith according to the Byzantine Rite (which means that our theology, liturgy, spirituality and canon law are non-Latin or non-Roman), while maintaining full Eucharistic communion with the Catholic Church in Rome. More information is available on our about us page."

Spiritual Home

If you are looking for a spiritual home, consider our Parish Community, which is founded on one of the most important gifts of the Holy Spirit: the fullness of Holy Tradition, just as it was handed down to us from Jesus, to the apostles, to the bishops.  Continue Reading

Reflections on who we are

"Reflections on who we are," by Rev. Mitered Protopresbyter Andriy Chirovsky, S.Th.D  NOTE pages 10-12 are blurry. In order to view them properly please open Two different traditions - One Catholic Church

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Sunday Divine Liturgy starts at 8.30AM.

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